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Shapes Flashcards for Kids - Square

Square Flashcard Play and learn geometric shapes with these cute, fun and colorful flashcards. You can teach your kids, at home or in the classroom, with these fun, colorful cards! You will receive printable geometric shapes flashcards. Just download, print and play!  You can use these cards as simple flashcards you can print twice and use them as a memory game.  You can use them as a playroom decoration. Shapes Flashcards - Square Square story                                    circle                                    triangle

Number three for Preschooler

Kids feel fun when he start to count.  You might count the balloons as you play with him or the cars as they go by. Nodee's flashcards help your kid begins to match things at a time with the number.   Number Three - Three Baby sharks tracing Number Three - Three Baby sharks Number three Worksheet - Black and white - three sharks Number three Flashcard - three baby sharks Number three Flashcard Number three worksheet - three baby sharks number one  |  number 2  | number 3 |  Ready to play with your little learners?  You can play: "MEMORY/MATCHING GAME" with our cute flashcards.