The Hungry Alligator - Greater Than, Less Than and Equal - story for kids

Numbers: smaller, greater and equal are words that allow us to understand comparisons between the natural numbers.
Your kids will have fun learning about : greater than, less than and equal to with this fun story.
kids can connect the symbol with the concept. Come learn with us. And watch out for the alligator  symbol that might try and eat you!

Greater Than, Less Than and Equal

There was an alligator in the pond.
His favorite food was only the big numbers.
He is always searching for what is greater to full his empty stomach.
When he finds the numbers, his mouth opens wide, for the bigger side automatically.
He turns his back on what is less.
He would face the bigger one, and gobble it down!
But when he finds two numbers that are the same, our hungry alligator Feels baffled.                       
So he closes his smiled mouth and never eats them. He isn't sure exactly how to dine!


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