The Ugly Umbrella - Letter U - Alphabet Stories for kids

How can I teach my kids the Alphabet? 
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Alphabet story is a fun way to make your kids learning the alphabet with fun. He\ she will focus on the characters which we use in our short stories.

The Ugly Umbrella Alphabet Stories for kids
The Ugly Umbrella  -  Letter U- 

The Ugly Umbrella
My uncle had had an ugly umbrella . The umbrella had a little unicorn on it.
My uncle loved his umbrella very much.
He took his umbrella everywhere he went.
One day while my uncle was walking at his farm on a windy day. 
The strong wind carried his umbrella far away.
The umbrella up over the farm.
Up in the wind the umbrella went.
Up and away the wind took the picture of the little unicorn with.
My uncle back to his home unhappy.

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