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Rectangle - Shapes Nursery Rhymes

A very cute and simple rhyme describes the rectangle shape, that kids could easily understand.

Color Rectangle shape worksheet 

Rectangle Learning Shapes for kids
Rectangle Learning Shapes for kids

Black and white Rectangle shape worksheet 

Rectangle Learning Shapes for kids
Rectangle Learning Shapes for kids

The rectangle shape is a very important shape that children should learn about. It is one of the most common shapes that we see in our daily lives. Here are some fun and educational things to teach kids about the rectangle shape:

Definition: A rectangle is a four-sided shape with two pairs of opposite sides that are equal in length and four right angles. You can explain to kids that the rectangle is different from the square shape because its sides are not all the same length.

Identification: Children can learn how to identify rectangles in their surroundings. You can point out rectangular shapes in books, buildings, furniture, and even food items like crackers and candy bars.

Drawing a Rectangle: You can teach children how to draw a rectangle shape by using a ruler or a straight edge. Start by drawing two parallel lines, then draw two more parallel lines perpendicular to the first two lines to create a rectangle.

Rectangle Crafts: There are many fun and creative ways to make rectangle-shaped crafts. Children can make a rectangular picture frame, a rectangular box, or even a rectangular kite.

Real-life Applications: Rectangles are used in many practical ways. You can explain to children how rectangles are used in construction, architecture, and even in computer screens.

Math: Rectangles are also used in math. Children can learn about the area and perimeter of a rectangle, which is important in geometry. You can teach them how to calculate the area and perimeter of a rectangle using its length and width.

In conclusion, the rectangle shape is a fundamental shape that children should learn about. Whether it's identifying rectangles in their surroundings, drawing rectangles, or learning about real-life applications and math concepts, there are many fun and educational ways to teach children about the rectangle shape.


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